State Employee Driver Record Application (ASEDRA)

Arizona State Employee Drivers Record Application

ASEDRA was developed in 2009 to facilitate State agencies in obtaining Motor Vehicle records of State employees identified as authorized drivers in accordance with the A.A.C. Rule R2-10-207.11f.
To expedite the MVR review process, ASEDRA allows agencies to access thousands of records on a regular basis. The designated Agency representative receives notification when points on a motor vehicle record exceed a preset point value or the employee’s license is either suspended or revoked.
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Application Form to Request ASEDRA Access
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The following forms are available to assist state agencies with managing their Agency Motor Vehicle Safety Program:

**NEW to ASEDRA? Launch the ASEDRA Overview and Update from May 19, 2021, available now through the State of Arizona Learning Management System, TraCorp.


Need help reading Motor Vehicle Records?

**New: Refer to the guide supplied by ADOT MVD. It provides an overview of the MVR pages, including breakdowns of the various sections and what they mean.

A Guide to Understanding the New MVR, effective 8/14/2020