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Property & Liability

Property & Liability

The Property & Liability Claims Section investigates, evaluates, negotiates and settles claims for: State property, State vehicles, Liability claims, and Cyber claims.

Claims Against the State of Arizona

If you would like to file a claim against the State of Arizona, click here to obtain a Notice of Claim form. Notice of claim forms must be hand delivered or mailed to the Office of the Attorney General, 2005 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004.

If you are a State Agency and need to report a claim; refer to the Agency Reporting Requirements below.

Agency Reporting Requirements

State of Arizona Reporting Liability Claims

All losses must be reported as soon as possible to Risk Management at (602) 542-2180 in Phoenix. Agencies must report all liability claims within 1 day if there is bodily injury, death, or if damage is expected to exceed $10,000. All other liability claims are to be reported within 10 days.

Defense of Liability Lawsuits

The majority of lawsuits covered under the Risk Management Program are defended by the Attorney General's Office. However, in certain circumstances, outside counsel will be hired to represent the interest of the state.

Reporting Property Claims

All losses must be reported to Risk Management at (602) 542-2180 in Phoenix or at (520) 628-6700 in Tucson. Agencies must report significant property damages within 1 day if damages are expected to exceed $10,000. All other losses must be reported as soon as possible, but no longer than 10 days from the date of discovery. Property losses not reported to Risk Management within 90 days of the date of discovery will not be covered. (See Administrative Code R2-10-104)

State Agencies - Refer to the Property Loss Reporting Process workflow for instructions for reporting a loss through the Origami Risk claims system.  

Reporting Property & Liability Claims Charges of Discrimination

A copy of all charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Arizona Civil Rights Division of the Attorneys' General Office (ACRD) is to be forwarded to Risk Management.

Agency Forms

Separate loss report forms are available for auto accidentscyber claimsproperty losses and liability claims (other than auto related losses).
Forms may also be obtained by contacting the Claims Section at:
(602) 542-2180

Auto Loss Report

Property Loss Report

General Liability Loss Report

Environmental Property Loss Claim Report

Cyber Loss Report