Yes. Your sick leave is a benefit provided by the State of Arizona for industrial and non-industrial conditions. For your    convenience, most occupational medical clinics provide extended hours. Some are open 24 hours a day.

The Arizona state statutes and case law require us to pay mileage only in limited situations. Generally this situation occurs when an injured worker does not have access to the needed treatment in the area they work or reside. If we set up an appointment for a second opinion (IME-Independent Medical Exam) and the location is beyond a certain amount of miles, we absolutely have to provide mileage reimbursement and meals per the State per diem schedule. Claims adjusters do have the authority to make exceptions under certain circumstances. Every case is different and if an injured worker is questioning such reimbursement, they should contact their adjuster.

First, contact the provider to ensure or provide the correct billing information as shown below.

CorVel Corporation

PO Box 6966

Portland, OR 97228

If the problem continues, contact your Risk Management adjuster.

Occupational Medical Clinics specialize in the practice of diagnosing and treating industrial injuries. The physicians and staff are familiar with all the processes and procedures regarding workers’ compensation claims. You would not pay any out of pocket expenses even if your claim is denied. If you choose to go to your primary care physician and the claim is denied, your co-pay is not reimbursed.

No. There are no deductions for state or federal taxes, Social Security, union or retirement contributions.

Yes, but you must first request permission from the Industrial Commission of Arizona at 602-542-4661.

No. Workers’ Compensation benefits are based on the date of injury.

Yes. You are paid an additional $25.00 a month if you support one or more dependents.