Agency Liaisons


If the injured worker did not contact the 24/7 Advocacy Program for injury triage:
  • Please report directly into Origami or contact Risk Management at [email protected] for assistance. 


Immediate Reporting Requirements

There are reporting requirements established by the Industrial Commission of Arizona, especially in the case of fatalities; therefore, it is imperative that serious, life-threatening, or fatal injuries must be called in to the Industrial Commission of Arizona at 602-542-5795 or toll-free at 855-268-5251.  The State of Arizona-Risk Management must also be immediately notified at 602-542-2182 or via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

Please call during regular business hours or send an email at your convenience if:
  • You know the injured worker has missed or anticipates missing more than seven (7) consecutive calendar days from work by physician's orders as a result of the industrial injury.
  • The employee's work status has changed.  This includes learning that the employee has returned to work in any capacity.
  • You have questions about the validity of the claim.
  • You have questions about the claim. 
  • You need assistance with a Return-to-Work program.


State of AZ Workers' Compensation Laws

Workers' Compensation Practice and Procedure