Fire-Life Safety

The following information is being provided for State Agency Building Coordinators for developing or revising an existing Emergency Action Plan for their building.

Building EAP Template - General template for the development of building-specific emergency action plans.

Building EAP Development Guidance Document - Assists in obtaining the necessary information to complete the Building EAP template.

The guidance document also contains a Floor Diagram Check Sheet that identifies key emergency items that are to be identified on the posted floor diagrams for the general population in the building and items that the Building Coordinator should be aware of as part of the overall EAP.

Cafeterias - EAP procedures for a building containing a cafeteria.

Critical Operation Shutdown Procedures - Operations that may need to be shut down during an emergency.

Employees Needing Assistance Form - Identifies individuals who may need assistance during an evacuation.

What is Cardiac Arrest? - Provides information on what to do if an individual goes into cardiac arrest.

Panic Alarm Policies and Procedures - General template for the development of building-specific Panic Alarm Policies and Procedures.

Panic Alarm Log and Testing Instructions - Log used for recording all testing and activations of your Panic/Duress Alarm.

Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Response Guide - Post in the break room and provide during training.

DPS Mass Communication - For those located on the Capitol Mall or at the Tucson Complex; go to YES/Employee Services/Alert Me tab to confirm and enter the information needed for you to receive messages in the case of an event on the Capitol Mall or at the Tucson Complex.  Note - Text messaging is the primary means of communication via personal or work cell.
State of Arizona, Capitol Mall Emergency Alert System Overview

Communicator NxT - Go to the ADEMA website or contact the Communicator NxT Coordinator at ADEMA for additional information.

Agency-occupied buildings should coordinate drills through their building coordinator, building owner, or property management company.

Pre-Evacuation Drill Meeting Agenda - Meeting agenda of topics to cover prior to scheduled drills.

Complete the appropriate form below after any evacuation:

Emergency Flip Chart - Version 1.3 and Area Evacuated Door Hangers

Contact us at [email protected] to obtain a limited number of copies.  Additional copies are available through Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) under Printing or click the links above for online pdf versions.

Alternate Assembly Areas - Contact us at [email protected] for alternative areas to assemble in the event weather or other issues require evacuees to be relocated during an emergency.

Employee Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Guidance - provides simple preparation and response strategies.

Supervisor/Manager Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Guidance - provides simple preparation and response guidance for management.

Evacuation Warden Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Guidance - provides guidance for assisting non-agency personnel during an evacuation.

AED/CPR Training - Department of Health Services website for training and orientation on AED and CPR usage.

DHS-SHARE Chest Compression-Only CPR/AED Short Course - course slides that define what is a cardiac arrest, when and how to use chest compression-only CPR, and AED use.

Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center - provides information on identifying and reporting suspicious activity that may be related to terrorism. 

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency – Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness Video.

Department of Homeland Security - Active Shooter Situation Pocket Card.

Department of Homeland Security - Preparing for and Managing an Active Shooter Situation Booklet.

Effective March 7, 2023, the Shots Fired DVD has been replaced by a new video ADRISKSHOOT, Active Shooter - Run, Hide, Fight (available in the state's learning management system, TraCorp).

State Fire Marshals Office
DPS Capitol Police
Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs
Arizona Department of Homeland Security
FEMA Emergency Management Institute
If you need additional assistance in the development of an Emergency Action Plan for your facility or building please contact your assigned Loss Prevention Consultant or email us at [email protected].