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The major responsibilities within the Insurance Section:

Purchasing Excess and Catastrophe insurance to supplement funded self-insurance;

Agency Support / Customer Service:

  • We assist your State agency with the process of approving (Click on the link to submit) Certificates of Insurance when your agency needs to show evidence of State coverage to an outside entity (such as a landlord);
  • We assist your State agency with the process of approving (Click on the link to submit) Sole Proprietor WaiversIndependent Contractor Agreements and Exception Requests.
  • We answer Procurement Officer’s questions relating to Insurance Modules.
  • Insurance Analysts are assigned to agencies for customer support:
    • Insurance Analysts will answer questions from state agencies on Who Is Covered by the self-insurance law (ARS 41-621), and Who Is Not Covered.
    • Insurance Analysts will advise your agency of the DOA rules that may affect Agreements of Indemnity that your agency may be asked to sign.
    • Insurance Analysts will advise on volunteer coverage questions. Refer to the section Volunteers for details.

Contact 602-542-2180 for assistance.

Effective August 4, 2015 updates were made to State Risk’s “Insurance and Indemnification Guidelines for State of Arizona Contracts.” 

Please update your information accordingly and discontinue use of any other version you may currently have on file. We strongly recommend you save a link to our website so if updates are made, you will be sure to have the most current version for state contracts.