Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Agency Responsibility

The Arizona Revised Statutes require each agency to conduct risk identification and assessment and implement a Loss Prevention Program to reduce the frequency and severity of losses in:

  • Employee safety in the workplace
  • Real and personal property protection
  • Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection as required by Federal and State standards
  • Negligent acts that cause third-party claims
  • Building Project Submittal & Notification of Specialized Safety or Security Equipment 
    • The following outlines the Arizona State Statute and Codes related to the submittal of projects by State Agencies:
      • "Concurrent with the commencement of planning for the construction, alteration or additions to state-owned or leased buildings, and the purchase of specialized personal property, the department of administration shall be consulted for the purpose of implementing the risk management and loss control program and to assure compliance with generally accepted loss control practices." (A.R.S. 41-623E)
      • Agencies will submit proposed projects to Risk Management prior to any pre-planning conference with an architect if the project is predicted to cost in excess of $100,000. (A.A.C. R2-10-201)
      • Agencies shall notify Risk Management prior to procurement of specialized safety or security equipment or systems predicted to cost in excess of $50,000. (A.A.C. R2-10-202)
    • Submittals are intended to be for projects during the conceptual design phase (i.e. after agency management has decided to proceed with a project but before meeting with the engineers and architects, or starting the procurement process.)  
      • If the project is in the above-mentioned phase, then the next step of determination is to confirm if the project meets either of these two categories:
        • The project may exceed a total cost of $100,000, and/or
        • The purchase of specialized safety/security equipment is in excess of $50,000

If the project meets the criteria above, submit the project for review by State Risk Management through the Procore project management system.

If you are not set up with Procore contact Marjorie for assistance at [email protected]

Loss Prevention Consultants

Risk Management provides Loss Prevention Consultants, Industrial Hygienists, and Environmental Specialists to assist agencies in developing and implementing loss prevention programs. The consultant can also provide assistance in solving everyday loss prevention problems.

Email us at rmdlo[email protected] to arrange a consultation.


Loss Prevention Services

Risk Management Loss Prevention is committed to your safety and offers many services to assist you in solving everyday loss prevention problems such as:

  • Fire-Life Safety
  • Security
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
    • Authorized State Employee Drivers Record Application (ASEDRA)
  • Construction Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Air and Water Quality
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Hazardous materials
  • Defensive Driving


Environmental Losses Program

Loss Prevention provides management services for all Environmental Claims resulting from damage to State buildings or land in accordance with the A.A.C. Rule R2-10, Article 5.